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Currently we have five ABI 431 Peptide Synthesizers employing FastMoc Chemistry. We are capable of synthesizing 5-10 peptides per day depending on their lengths at 2 different scales: 0.1 mmol and 0.25 mmol. Turnaround time is usually less than two weeks. All peptides are returned with a Mass Spec analysis and an analytical HPLC chromatogram with the exception of peptide libraries.

ATTENTION: Dear TUCF Customers, we are happy to announce that we have resumed our operation at close to full capacity with shifted schedules. Due to the schedule change, the timing of our email response may be slightly delayed. We thank you for your patience during the shut-down and look forward to working with you again. Moving forward, an alternative operation procedure has been established for the Genomics Core that will enable us to continue our operation through any future ramp-down that may happen as a result of COVID-19.

Fill out the on-line Peptide Synthesis order form or download and fax the order form.

To order additional peptide repurifications, please download and fax the Peptide Repurification order form.

Charges and Special Services

  Tufts Internal
0.1mm Scale Synthesis: $42.50 Set-Up Fee & $17/amino acid
0.25mm Scale Synthesis: 
          8 amino acids or less $63.75 Set-Up Fee & $21.25/amino acid
          More than 8 amino acids $85 Set-Up Fee & $34/amino acid
  TMC and External
0.1mm Scale Synthesis:$50 Set-Up Fee & $20/amino acid
0.25mm Scale Synthesis: 
          8 amino acids or less $75 Set-Up Fee & $25/amino acid
          More than 8 amino acids $100 Set-Up Fee & $40/amino acid

Acetylation of N-terminal:

No Charge

Biotinylation of N-terminal:


FITC + Linker
   (Aminohexanoic Acid or Beta-Alanine):

$100 + $20

   (Aminohexanoic Acid or Beta-Alanine):








MAP peptide:

$100/set-up, $25/amino acid

Peptide Libraries:

Call for Pricing

D-Amino Acids:

Call for Pricing

Other Special Requests:

Call For Pricing & Availability

Peptide Purification

Each purification of 40 mg of crude product is:
$85 for Tufts Internal Customers
$100 for TMC and External Customers

(Recovery is usually between 5mg to 25mg and often > 90% pure by reverse-phase HPLC.)

Please keep in mind that yields and solubility are sequence dependent.